Who am I?

Born in Argentina in 1963, I spent my early years in Buenos Aires and later my teen and early adulthood living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Both of these beautiful cities filled my life with passion, sensuality and a healthy relationship with my body. Since those early years, I have lived in Mexico, Canada and the US. With each transition, I have gained wisdom in how to connect with many different kinds of people from many different backgrounds.


With each change in language and culture, I expanded my curiosity and explored many interests. One of these interest is scuba diving. As a scuba instructor I have traveled around the world and have developed an intense passion for connecting with the environment. Another passion of mine is photography, both under and above the sea. Through the lens of a camera I have deepened my love of natural beauty and gained the ability to pay close attention to detail.


Partly from spending so much time in the ocean, where my body can move freely, I also have a great love of working with bodies. Paying attention to how our bodies move and work gives me no end of pleasure. Therefore my study and practice of bodywork has been a natural result of my own interests and passions.

Similarly, my own sexual journey has been of intense interest most of my life. I love to explore how my body responds to all types of touch and sensation. It is from this exploration of my erotic nature that I have developed a deep interest in spirituality – in the end they seem to stem from the same place.


I have been blessed with a full rich life. From elite athlete to environmentalist to opportunities of work in a wide variety of professions: computer programming, scuba instructor, carpentry, electrician, grounds keeper, retreat leader, Tantra teacher and body worker. All this experience has brought me to a time in my life when I am ready to give back  much of what I have learned about consciously enjoying life to its fullest.