IMG_3476“One of the first things I noticed about Cristian is the fluidity and grace with which he moves. He looks comfortable in his body and appears comfortable with his own power. That translates into his work. Cristian approaches his work with sensitivity and takes care when he is working with others. He has allowed me, in our work, to make the decision to go there. Or not. At the same time, he is more than willing to push an edge when he feels an opportunity to do so. Gently. Repeatedly. And he is capable of building on the energy that is created…and holding it. While I decide. All of this, combined with his willingness to share what he knows, translates into a powerful experience.”  – Ruth Boston


“Cristian is a brave sacred intimate, willing to jump in with intense eroticism in a way that is very exciting and freeing for a woman.  He has the ability to make you feel totally desirable, even while holding a container of deeper meaning.  That alone can be a rare and delicious healing from a handsome man.  But beyond his sheer sexiness he has the capacity to follow you (or lead you) into deeper psychic/erotic territory and hold a mirror for you in a way that is simply impossible with a romantic partner.

For centuries men have had an entire industry devoted to their desire. And the best erotic providers have elevated pleasure to an art form, capable of nourishing and inspiring their clients to a depth that touches Spirit.  His offering is heretofore unheard of as a service for women, and it’s about time we had access to this extraordinary quality of sexy care!”   — Christina SF


“For over 3 years, we have had the pleasure of working with Cristian, as a teacher, workshop leader, body worker and as a Sacred Intimate. He has a quality that defies words and it is that very quality that allows and encourages expression of feelings, sensation and emotions while in his presence. As a couple, we have been striving to connect more, intimately and sexually. Cristian’s own love for experiencing sexuality and spirituality together along with his acceptance of what is, made it easy for us to let him see us, feel us and then help us. He is a remarkable human being. Working with couples requires a special insight into relationships and he is gifted with this insight. We are grateful to have the opportunity to enhance our marital journey with him.   We look forward to reaching greater depths of intimacy with our trusted SI.”   — V & R LA

IMG_4935“I have known Cristian over many years.  I’ve watched him unfold in his personal and professional journey and know that he brings the greatest level of integrity, clarity, skill and intention to his healing work.  With a fierce heart, a sensuous body, a supple mind, a courageous spirit, and perhaps an impish soul, he brings a depth and breadth that few will know in their lifetime.  And so he arrives honestly to the work of helping others find their way to a full, joyful, erotically, engaged embrace of their lives, their bodies, their relationships and the world.  In my opinion, working with Cristian is well worth the risk.  You will, no doubt, discover something new that rests inside your own heart and soul.” — K.C. Massachusetts

IMG_0556“My work with Cristian has helped me learn to stay connected to my body while experiencing more and more pleasure. I trust him. He creates a safe setting so that I can experiment and take risks but remain present and in my body. I am grateful for the opportunity to do this unique work with him so that I can grow and heal.”

IMG_3395“Before working with Cristian my heart was closed to love and my body was cut off from pleasure.  I felt broken. Cristian opened his beautiful heart and body and gently led me on a tender, erotic journey of healing and discovery.  Cristian possesses a divine knowing of the precise ingredients required for a woman to feel safe so that she can continue to open.  He loved me back to myself and I am truly grateful to fully embody the divine, juicy, sensual woman that I yearned to be. ” – Joanne, NYC


“My therapist  and I have talked about feelings that can come up in this kind of work. It has always come down to a deep sense of gratitude for both the experiences and Cristian as a person. He is a mentor, elder, healer, and simply radiates this peaceful loving energy. Its an example of the potential for my own life, and I feel so incredibly blessed to have encountered him on this journey. The purity and simplicity of the feeling is a blessing in and of itself and seems to make it much easier to go deeply into this.” – C.B. W Massachusetts